DN, name of a magic mace (< /g-r-š/. Cf. J.C. de Moor, The Seasonal Pattern in the Ugaritic Myth of Ba'lu, Kevelaer/Neukirchen-Vluyn 1971, 136).
DN: šmk at ygrš ygrš grš ym grš ym l ksih. Your name is: ygrš, ygrš the one who drives (away) DN. Drive DN from his throne! 1.2 IV 12.

Dictionay of Ugaritic Language, p. 959.


verb basic verbal stem: "to eject, drive out, evict, cast out" (Hebrew, Jewish Aramaic, Moabite grš, HALOT 204; Jastrow 273; J. Hoftijzer - K. Jongeling, Dictionary of the North-WEst Semitic Inscriptions. Parts One/Two, Leiden 1995, 236; 以下略
DUL 309


n. m. "expeller, caster out, one in charge of driving out"(< participle active(?) basic verbal stem or theme qittil /g-r-š/;)
DUL 309.


DN; name of a magic mace (< ay + /m-r(-r)/ (I); cf. Del Olmo Mitos y leyendas de Canaán según la tradición de Ugarit, Valencia/Madrid 1981, 512; but cf. M. Smith The Ugaritic Baal Cycle, I, Leiden/NY/Koln, 1994, 343 n. 214). DN; 1.2 IV 19.

DUL 135.


adjective. masculine. "anyone, all, of any kind; each". etc.... DUL 133

/m-r-(r)/ (I)

verb basic verbal stem: 1) "to go away, leave"; "to travel through"(?); 2)"(to cause) to walk" > "to eject, throu out"; reduplicated verbal biconsonantal stem: "to shake, wave (?)" DUL 577

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