*rpu [#m5440197]
n. m.~
+"divine ancestral hero", ancestor of the Ugaritic dynasty, singly and as a group.
+'''Rpu''', eponymous deity of this group.
+in the expression '''mt rpi'''

-Hebrew '''rp?''', '''rp?ym''', HALOT 1274f.
-Phoenician, Punic '''rp?m''', '''Dictionary of the North-WestSemitic Inscriptions''', 1995,  1081f.
-Phoenician, Punic '''rp?m''', '''Dictionary of the North-West Semitic Inscriptions''', 1995,  1081f.
-Amorite /raapi?um/, Huffmon '''Amorite Personal Names in the Mari Texts: A Structural and Lexical Study''', 1965, 263f.
-Gelb '''Computer-aided Analysis of Amorite''', 1985, 30.

-Cf. Del Olmo MLC 411ff.~
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¶ syll. Ug.: cf. the element /raapi?(u)/ in PNN~
Sivan '''Grammatical Analysis and Glossary of the Northwest Semitic Vocables in Akkadian Texts of the 15th-13th C.B.C. from Canaan and Syria''', 1984, 264.~
¶ par.: '''ilny''', '''mhr''', '''mlk(I)''', '''qbTs'''(+ '''ddn''').~
¶ Forms: sg. abs./cstr./ '''rpu''', '''rpi'''

pl. '''rpum''', '''rpim''', cstr. '''rpi'''.

DUL, pp. 742-43.

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